Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville (ETAJAX) Apprenticeship APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS

The ETAJAX is committed to the education of apprentices and journeymen in the organized electrical industry. That strong commitment manifests itself in quality apprenticeship and journeyman level training programs in commercial and industrial electrical technology and voice-data-video technology.   Individuals participating in the various programs can receive college level credit.  Beyond that, they may improve their skill level through continuing education units.. The ETAJAX is state registered and VA approved apprenticeship training center committed to helping all training participants reap the rewards of their efforts by constantly updating, improving and developing state-of-the-art training programs of the highest caliber.

Qualifications for the Apprenticeship Program                        
An applicant must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for an interview:
A High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) with one credit of Algebra.
18 years of age - Birth Certificate required.
Physically able to perform the work.
Possess a valid drivers license.

Must obtain a qualifying score on the Electrical Trades Aptitude Test.

Veterans must furnish us their copy of DD214 with re-enlistment code at bottom
An individual who can verify that they have worked
​a minimum of 2000 hours specifICALLY in the electrical construction trade.


The Construction Wireman and Construction Electrician program, also known as the CWCE program, is designed to provide experienced Electrical Workers with pathways into the IBEW/NECA (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National Electrical Contractors Association) organization by providing competitive pay and benefits based on documented and evaluated experience and knowledge/skill levels.

A Phillip Randolph High School
1157 Golfair Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32209 - 904.924.3011


The Registered Pre- Apprenticeship program is a partnership we have with several High Schools around Jacksonville and surrounding areas listed below. Our Pre-Apprenticeship program gives High School Seniors the opportunity to complete their full 1st year of curriculum at their High School. Upon completion, these students will have the opportunity to direct place into the 2nd year of Apprenticeship.

Bean Center for Nassau County High School Students
​76346 William Burgess Blvd, Yulee, FL, 32097 - 904.548.4400

Electrician  Apprentice

​​Is a competency‐based approach, involving successful demonstration of acquired skills and knowledge by an apprentice, as verified by the program sponsor, with an on‐the‐job learning component and related technical instruction (RTI)

Baker County High School
1 Wildcart Dr, Glen St. Mary FL, 32040 - 904.259.6286

Oakleaf High School
4035 Plantation Oaks Blvd, Orange Park, FL, 32065 - 904.336.8375

Fernandina Beach High School
​435 Citrona Drive, Fernandina Beach, FL, 32034 - 904.491.7937


Hybrid Apprentice

A hybrid approach which requires the apprentice to complete a specified minimum number of on‐the‐job‐learning hours and RTI hours to demonstrate competency in the defined subject areas.
Can enter the Electrical Apprenticeship program on an accelerated schedule due to prior training and experience

Electrical Apprenticeship Programs
include Inside Wireman, Hybrid, Pre-Apprenticeship and Telecommunications

FSCJ Entry Electrical Program
601 W State St, Jacksonville, FL, 32202 - 904.632.3116

Our comprehensive 5-year electrical apprenticeship program ensures that each of our electricians is ready to provide our customers with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Keeping pace with technology is a vital link in our education process; we believe the electrical field is a constant learning process.