Interested in Working in the Electrical Trade?
If you are wanting to jump start your career in the electrical trade, you can begin work as a Construction Wireman. This is an entry level position to help you gain on-the-job experience.

No experience is needed!

  Applications are available Online and a small fee of $5 is assessed to begin your Construction WiremanApplication.
You will need to upload your License OR Identification Card and SS Card as well as any Certifications/Resumes using the Upload Feature when submitting your Application.

Missing Algebra Credit?
Trouble with Math?

Need to brush up on your math or reading skills prior to Aptitude Testing? Electric Prep has partnered with the NJATC to offer voluntary courses to support applicants during the entrance process for the IBEW/NECA apprenticeship training program to provide a better understanding of the electrical construction industry and the requirements. Click Here to be directed to the Electric Prep website.

Salary Comparison – 
College Verses Apprenticeship
Average Starting Salary 
for ALL College Grads: 
$50,000 - $52,000 a year
Average Starting Salary for  an Apprenticeship Graduate: Base = $64,812 a year - $83,000 a year with all benefits.

• Duration of the Program –5 Years
• Cost of the Program –Organization sponsored tuition
- Student Pays for Books only –Approx $780 a year
• Classes 2 nights a week
• On-the-Job training –
Full-time job with a
member contractor

What are the next steps after your application has been submitted?
You will receive a notification for an Aptitude Test Session including the date and time. This nationally designed test will determine your Mathematical, Reading and Comprehension skills. You must score a 4 or higher to qualify for a selection interview with the JATC Trustees. If you would like to brush up on your Aptitude Testing skills, feel free to enroll and participate in our Training Courses available at our Electric Prep Website,
Click Here.

What are the next steps after Aptitude Testing?
You will then receive a notice for your interview appointment. Our Interviews are an opportunity for our Trustee Committee to get to know you. A series of randomized questions will be asked and you will be scored based on how you answer each question. Interviews typically last about 20 minutes and this is an excellent opportunity to express your interest in our program to the Trustee Committee members.
Those who have a minimum of 2,000 hours of verifiable and documented on the job training in the electrical field can qualify for an interview, once documentation is verified.

What to expect after Interview?
Our Trustee Committee will determine how many apprentices will be offered the opportunity of our Apprenticeship Program. Based upon the ranking score applicants received during the interview process, as well as the industry needs, applicants will be notified as to their ranking placement and acceptance status.

Becoming an Electrical Professional allows you to pursue several career paths:

  • Licensed Electrician
  • Safety Manager
  • Video Systems Installer
  • A/V Production
  • Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Engineer
  • Inspector

There are so many options!

1. Copy of Valid Driver’s License *Can be submitted via our Web Portal*

2. Copy of Social Security Card *Can be submitted via our Web Portal*

3. Copy of Birth Certificate *Can be submitted via our Web Portal*

4. If you've had prior Military Service, you must provide a copy of your
DD214 or DD2648 (Military Discharge) with Re-Enlistment code at bottom.

5. A Sealed Copy of your High School Transcripts. It is important to note that successful completion of Algebra 1 is mandatory for admission into the Apprenticeship Program. If your high school education was obtained by GED certification, you must provide a copy of your GED certification along with Transcripts as mentioned above.

​If you have not successfully completed 1 Full Credit of Algebra 1 listed on your HS or GED Transcripts, You may be eligible to complete our Mathematics Course by Clicking Here, which is a more cost effective alternative to taking a College Course.

Transcripts can be submitted in Person, by Mail or by Fax (must come from your the Educational Institution) – we will not accept a previously opened copy
 Please be advised there is a $15.00 nonrefundable Processing Fee. 
​Application Deadline is 11/2/2023