What are the next steps after Submission of Application?
You will then receive an Aptitude Session Date/Time – This placement test is designed to determine your ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge based on Algebra/Mathematical Problems as well as Reading Comprehension skills. *Please keep in mind you must score a 4 or higher ((or have 2,000 OJT hours)) to advance to the next round qualifying you the Opportunity to attend a sit down Interviews with our Trustee Committee*

What are the next steps after Aptitude Testing?
You will then receive an Interview Date/Time – Our Interviews are an Opportunity for our Trustee Committee to get to know you. A series of randomized questions will be asked and you will then be scored on how well you answer each individual question. Interviews typically last about 20 minutes or so and this is an excellent opportunity to express your interest in our program to those interested in giving eager individuals like yourself the opportunity of a lifelong, successful career in the electrical field. 

What to expect after Interview?
Mid-June each year our Trustee Committee will make selections as to how many Apprentices they will choose to take into our Apprenticeship program. A lot of the selection process will take into account how many of our Applicants are currently employed with our Contactors as well as how many of those Applicants are not currently employed with our Contractors - Reviewing of Interview answers and Scores will also play a major role in our selection process etc.​

The Application Process
The Jacksonville Electrical JATC interviews applicants monthly to fill the slots available in the apprenticeship program. Provided there is sufficient work opportunities available the training committee will start a new class as needed. The step-by-step section below is intended to help you understand each step of the application process.

1. Copy of Valid Driver’s License *Can be submitted via our Web Portal*

2. Copy of Social Security Card *Can be submitted via our Web Portal*

3. Copy of Birth Certificate *Can be submitted via our Web Portal*

4. If you've had prior Military Service, you must provide a copy of your
DD214 (Military Discharge) with Re-Enlistment code at bottom.

5. An Official Unaltered/Unopened Copy of your High School Transcripts. It is important to note that successful completion of Algebra 1 is mandatory for admission into the Apprenticeship Program. If your high school education was obtained by GED certification, you must provide a copy of your GED certification along with Transcripts as mentioned above.

Transcripts can be submitted in Person, by Mail or by Fax (must come from your the Educational Institution) – we will not accept a previously opened copy*


 Please be advised there is a $15.00 nonrefundable Processing Fee. 

*Application Deadline for 2021/2022 School year is May 21, 2021*

Need to brush up on your math or reading skills? Electric Prep has partnered with the NJATC to offer voluntary courses to support applicants during the entrance process for the IBEW/NECA apprenticeship training program to provide a better understanding of the electrical construction industry and the requirements. This is also very helpful for individuals unable to meet the math requirement for apprenticeship programsClick here to be directed to the Electric Prep website.