All Apprentices are required to submit a properly completed, signed monthly work report regardless of employment status or accumulated hours.

Monthly work reports are due at the JATC office on the first (1st) and before the fifteenth (15th) of each month covering the previous months working hours. Monthly work reports received after the fifteenth (15th) are considered late. It is the responsibility of the apprentice to complete monthly work reports as follows:

  • The apprentice shall complete and sign the On-the-Job-Training hour’s portion of the report.
  • The apprentice shall present the report to his or her journeyman.
  • The journeyman shall complete and sign the evaluation including any appropriate comments.
  • The journeyman shall sign the front and back of the report.
  • The apprentice shall present the report to his or her foreman for appropriate comments and signature.
  • The apprentice shall print the name(s) of the supervisors signing the report adjacent to the signatures.
  • If the supervising journeyman and supervising foreman is the same person, the apprentice shall indicate such on the evaluation.

Falsification of a work report is cause for cancellation of your apprenticeship agreement.
Disciplinary action for late monthly work reports are as follows:

One (1) late monthly work report – no action ** Second (2nd) late monthly work report will result in a one (1) month delay in the next scheduled wage advancement for each late report ** Three (3) or more late monthly work reports will result in an appearance before the Director and or the JATC for further disciplinary action.

The above actions (i – iv) are in any 12 month span.
Individuals with cancelled apprenticeship agreements are not eligible to re-apply to the program for one (1) year from their cancellation date at the discretion of the JATC. here.